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Request your complimentary copy of Stress-Free Retirement, the best-selling author Patrick Kelly’s book, was released on a limited basis in April 2013. In this Fixed Index Annuity focused book, Patrick teaches consumers how they can significantly grow their retirement savings while also guaranteeing zero risk of market loss through utilizing an annuity.

The overwhelming popularity of Patrick Kelly’s previous books, Tax-Free Retirement and The Retirement Miracle, resonate from both the truth of his message as well as his trademark style of humor, simplicity, and insight. Patrick’s works provide information that is vastly misunderstood and largely unknown. They are appreciated by both novice and financial professional alike.

In this book, Patrick will show you how to:

  • Protect your life's savings against loss
  • Create an income stream you can never outlive
  • receive unlimited upside gain potential with zero risk of loss

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